Campaign message: “Anyone can be a WRVS volunteer”

Aim: To reach a young audience who wouldn’t know about WRVS. To let people know that “male or female, young or old, anyone be a WRVS volunteer”.

Number of people involved: 4

Launched: 2005

Campaign description: WRVS won a competition run by BBC Wales’ Charity Broadcast Office (an annual scheme open to all charities). The competition gives charities, with no budget to buy extensive radio or TV advertising, the opportunity to get their message broadcast to BBC TV or radio audiences.

WRVS had a free 30 second advert made for them by the BBC. They gave the BBC a brief about the volunteers they wanted to recruit and the message they wanted to get across to the audience. The advert was produced on a pro-bono basis by the BBC and was shown on a number of slots over two weeks on BBC television broadcasts in Wales in 2005.

In 2007 WRVS decided to post the short film online, on YouTube in an attempt to extend its impact to younger audiences beyond the original target audience in Wales. There was no further PR work done to publicise the advert/ film.

Outside Agencies involved: BBC Wales’ Charity Broadcast Office  

Results: The BBC Wales scheme allowed WRVS to generate a high quality film for volunteer recruitment. Unfortunately, WRVS did not put in place an effective evaluation of the broadcast in Wales, so it is difficult to gauge its impact on volunteer recruitment and awareness.

By October 2007 the film had received 81 views since being placed on YouTube in June 2007. WRVS believe YouTube and other online video content sites could be an important tool if deployed as part of a wider integrated campaign.

Contact: Paul Twocock www.wrvs.org.uk

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